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…A Family Began!

More than six years ago I envied a college roommate who had just returned from one of multiple mission trips to South Africa.  After some prayer, I decided to make the trip myself.  When informed of my plans to go on mission to South Africa, my family panicked.  My parents were not interested in sending their baby girl to a “third world” country with no one they knew.  The amount of funding it would take to make the trip was more than my family could or was willing to pay for a trip to such a place.  Defeated, I continued attending the meetings and increased the amount of prayer I dedicated to this subject.  I returned home from college on Easter break to find an Easter Basket filled with African memorabilia and a check for the amount of money I needed to make the initial deposit and save my spot on the airplane.  In the weeks of prayer my parents had received my tax return for the exact amount I needed!  Even they could not say no to such a provision from God!  While preparing for the trip, I fervently prayed that the Lord would let me focus on nothing more than his will for me on this mission trip.  Specifically, I prayed that the Lord would close my eyes to anyone of the opposite sex that might distract me for the duration of the trip.  The trip was a huge success.  I was most certainly ministered to as much as, if not more than anyone we served in South Africa!  It wasn’t until the 22 hour plane ride back to America that I noticed Drew.   Drew was a trip veteran having just completed his third successful trip to South Africa.  Midflight, I opted to move myself to the seat beside Drew.  A forward and uncharacteristic move on my part.  After at least 12 hours of talking through the night about every topic imaginable it was apparent that Drew was more than just another guy.  Nineteen months later, we were married and two years later we started our growing family.  Now, five and a half years later, we have two sons, Brooks and Moses and have begun the process of adoption.  We discussed adoption and prayerfully considered it for about a year before we finally acted on it.  We made an appointment at Bethany to discuss our options.  In the weeks before the appointment as we prayed, we felt led by God to adopt from South Africa.  Upon research we discovered that South Africa was a country closed to international adoption working only to place children with families in their own country.  We continued to pray about it as I emplored Drew to try and pioneer South African adoption for us and others.  While I was praying Drew was contacting lawyers in South Africa.  With no luck, Drew informed me that it just didn’t work like that and most of the countries were appalled at the thought of allowing Americans to adopt their children.  They felt it reflected poorly on the country’s ability to care for its own.  We continued our prayers unsure of how everything would pan out.  In our first chaotic meeting at Bethany, Brooks and Moses in tow, we were asked which countries we were interested in adopting from.  Knowing it was probably hopeless, we briefly described our call to South Africa and opted for Ethiopia, another African country.  You can imagine our joy when we were told that at that exact time a pilot program was being established with South Africa.  Our year of prayer and discussion was God’s year of preparation for us to adopt from South Africa.  We were just told last Tuesday that we have, in fact, been accepted into the pilot program for South Africa.  We were the twelfth and final family chosen in a group that was suppose to be only 10.  At this time we are finishing the extensive application packet with Doctors appointments, finger prints, background checks, and ethical essay questions.  We continue to pray that God would prepare us and our family for what is about to come out of South Africa this time!


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