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We started our home study today!  Yay!  It has been slow until now, but I have a feeling things will begin to pick up a bit.  So our home study started at 9:30 this morning.  We got Brooks off to school and I got back just in time to get Moses up and ready for a perfect meeting with our caseworker (I guess that is her title).  9:35…9:45…10:00…10:10…no word, no one… So, Drew calls Bethany and says, “We were suppose to meet this morning at 9:30, right?”  Our caseworker says, “Yes, but that is okay.  Things happen.  I understand.”  Drew is thinking, what?  He says, “Did you have trouble finding our house?”  She said, “No, it is suppose to be here at Bethany.”  Needless to say we were late, but we did get there and begin our interviews this morning for our home study.  It was really neat to hear Drew answer some of the questions about me and to think about when we met and got engaged.  I think my favorite response was when he said that he really appreciates what I do with the boys and how I let them be boys.  He confirmed that he thinks I am doing a good job.  I was fighting back tears.  I think no one noticed.  Thank goodness Moses was there for me to focus on.  He did great, by the way.  Much easier to just have Moses at those meetings than both boys together!  So, when we finally got around to it, the home study got off to a great start!  We still don’t have a grasp on the time frame, but were encouraged that once the home study starts things should start rolling.  Really excited as we are truly leaning toward two children now!  We will have to wait and see what God has in store for us.  We will be blessed even if it is just one!  Praying for him/them all the time.  Even Brooks in his sweet prayers remembers his new “black” baby brother.  As a matter of funny, he just said at the dinner table last night, “I wish my big black brother could be here.”  At least he’s accepting it!  We may have to work a little on his differentiations. 🙂  Who knows maybe he knows something we don’t.


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