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Kharkov to Knoxville

We have hesitated to report this in our blog, but are certain it is applicable preparation for our adoption!  We have volunteered to host a Ukrainian Orphan in our home for three weeks during the holidays.  We go to Atlanta to pick up Nastya December 22!  How this came about:  Drew received word about the Kharkov to Knoxville project a few months ago.  The deal was, the host family should be able to pay for all travel expenses necessary.  Since we are in the middle of our adoption, we knew this wasn’t for us.  We just didn’t have the money to spare as the cost was predicted between $1500 and $2500.  Considering our heart for orphans we, as did many others involved, presented the project to our Sunday School class.  Within the day all the funds for the project had been anonymously donated and most all children placed in host homes.  We received a call from the project organizer about a month later stating that there was one last child, Nastya, a twelve year old girl who still needed a host home.  Drew phoned me immediately.  I was on a treadmill at the gym when I received his call.  Drew informed me of the situation.  My initial response was, “Drew, I would love to host this child, but I will not want to send her back!”  He agreed then proposed, “Brooke, wouldn’t you rather her get to spend a wonderful Christmas here with us than not get to come at all?  What if this is God preparing us to adopt a girl from South Africa?”  WHAT!!!! I immediately started to cry and had to get off the topic.  So, this is where we are.  We are eagerly awaiting Nastya’s visit.  We have some anxiety about the language barrier as she is not expected to speak any English.  It may be a long awkward ride back to Knoxville from Atlanta!  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or if you speak any Russian!  We are, however, delighted to be blessed by such a project.  As  Nastya will arrive with only the clothes on her back, we look forward to taking her shopping for some clothes to take back!  If I remember correctly we have been told we can send her back to Ukraine with two 20lb. suitcases!  It should be fun helping her fill them up!  We  are praying for patience and wisdom as we hopefully show her God’s grace and love for her as his own daughter!  We are also praying and preparing for the possibility of having a girl as part of our referral from South Africa!  Keep us in your prayers as well!


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