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Brief Update

So,  I was finally able to pick up our police clearance Wednesday.  I immediately walked over to the county clerk to get everything sealed.  We were really hoping that we could get some sort of flat rate for all our seals.  We needed 23.  Unfortunately the girl I was working with was not up for that.  She said, “Who told you that?  It will be $5 per document.”  At this point I was willing to stand on my head and do tricks to get everything done.  She hesitantly sealed each document proclaiming that typically for several documents you have to bring them between 8 and 11 or else drop them off and pick them up the next day.  Thank you, Jesus, for some cooperation, however hesitant.  The documents are now on their way to Nashville as I left them at the Post Office Thursday.  Here’s to hoping we get them back with the great seal of the state on them in a timely fashion!


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So, I gladly received word from Drew today that after two weeks of waiting for our police clearance to arrive in the mail, it has been waiting on us to pick up since May 22.  Seems like if they wanted us to pick it up they wouldn’t have told us they would mail it to us…?  I quickly dropped my plans for the afternoon to rush downtown pick up the clearances and go to the court clerk and FINALLY have everything county sealed and prepared to send to Nashville for a state apostille.  When I arrived at the police department the employee knew exactly who I was and immediately grabbed our clearances.  Could it be so easy?  NOPE.  On my way up the elevator I began reviewing our clearances.  Drew’s was perfect.  Mine, on the other hand, referred to me as “his.”  I called our caseworker who informed me that I should have it changed for it would not suffice in South Africa.  I returned to the Police Department only to be told that the person who needed to make the corrections and sign it for me was already gone for the day?  It was 2:15.  Mind you the previous visit we couldn’t get our clearances because the person who needed to sign them was out for the day and wouldn’t be in until the following Tuesday.  Do these people even hold normal office hours?  A little frustrating, but the employee today told me to come back for it tomorrow.  Too bad we have literally WASTED $6 in parking for three of what will be four visits to the police department for a simple police clearance.  I am certain my frustration with this is clear, however, I would like to point out that we are still extremely confident that the Lord is working for his glory.  He has a perfect child picked out for us and is faithful to our prayers for this child.  We are not discouraged, only delayed.  The plan, for the moment, is to get the clearance tomorrow and mail it to Nashville ASAP for the apostilles.  When Nashville returns the dossier to us we will then take it to our adoption agency for copying and shipping first to their corporate office in Grand Rapids then to South Africa.  Our adoption itinerary predicts 6-9 months from that point to our referral which is when we will receive a picture and health records of a child to be adopted!  We are so close we can taste it.  Cannot even wait.  The boys pray for their new brother every single night without fail.  Brooks told me tonight that we need to send with our dossier a paper for our new brother with his name on it so he will know he is to be a Burnette!  What a sweet understanding he has, even now at only four years old,  for God’s call to adoption!  Our prayers are that this will translate to him his own need for adoption by our Father in Heaven and subsequent acceptance as a son and heir to the throne!

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